St. Peters Parish Social Hall
February 17, 2007

Pittsburgh, PA-
Going into this gig, we weren't sure what to expect.  After all, it was a St. Patrick's Day party on February 17th and we were hired by a Korean gentleman with the last name of Bailey and a mother named Frances McBroom.  Then, while trying to find a place to park, Tim beckoned the assistance of a parishioner who delightfully exclaimed, "Oh, you must be the Irish guys!"  After Andy Bailey arrived and assured us that we don't have to be "The Irish Guys," we breathed a sigh of relief.  Then, once the place filled with guests, we knew this would be a fun party.  The folks at St. Peter's and their guests know how to enjoy themselves, despite harsh winter weather.   Andy introduced us to former Monongahela resident and the head of the committees responsible for the evening  Jackie Johnston Hoover (top right, on left, with Mariana Whitmer, Parish Council President and Grateful Dead aficionado).  Hats off to Jackie, the charming ladies who prepared the delicious food (i.e., Linda and Gloria), and to the babes who shook it all night long (bottom right). Click on their picture to watch them dance.



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