February 24, 2007

S. Greensburg, PA-
We love playing for Kirk and Courtney.  Zozo's has become one of our very favorite places to play.  Maybe it's because the ol' married lady behind the bar (a.k.a. Nicole) takes such good care of not only the customers, but of us as well.  Maybe it's because the decor and atmosphere are conducive to acoustic music.  Maybe it's because we get to see our friends, the Nicholls almost every time we play there.  Who knows?  Who cares?  As long as it remains a regular stop on the Phisbin tour, we couldn't be happier.  A few honorable mentions about this particular night include the appearance of the Cooney party, and the celebration of Lisa and Laura's (right) 35th birthday.  The Morgantown twins certainly livened up the place, while leaving everyone in their wake with a hankering for Double Mint Gum.


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