The Black Bear
March 3, 2007

Deep Creek, MD--
We got to the Black Bear and were very pleased to see the place packed.  Many patrons were enjoying  Maryland defeating N.C. State (79-59), winning their 7th straight to clinch 5th place in the ACC, so we had to wait until a commercial to set our stuff up in front of the big screen.  Twig's friends were there, and relayed the message that he will see us at the sewer and that he'll have his acoustic bass.  After the Friend o' Twig party left, a cavalier gentleman and his lady friend took their table (top right).  She obviously appreciated a stool with a back rest.  Diane (middle right, a.k.a. Pink) drove in from Uniontown for the weekend with her cousin.  The trailer in Addison was just a bit too far to travel to after knocking back a few bottles of vodka, so they had no choice but to stick around and listen for a spell.  Just when the place seemed to be settling down to a long wintry evening, a limo dropped off a gaggle of beauties (bottom right) who inspired us to play every upbeat, dance-worthy song we knew.  For 1/2 hour solid, the place was jiggling.  Then, within the blink of an eye, we were driving home through a blizzard--just another day at the office.

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