Ligonier Ramada Inn
March 17, 2007

Ligonier, PA--
A realization hit us half-way through this gig...tonight, we were indeed a lounge act  (you know the cliché).  If a couple of teenagers walked past and looked in, they would have seen a bunch of old people sitting around having cocktails, listening to a couple of old guys play their old songs in a well-lit (by mini-Christmas lights, mind you), bi-level lounge boasting chairs with castors and an Irish buffet complete with shepherd's pie.  The crazy thing about it is that it was actually a pretty cool scene.  I don't know if that means teenagers just don't get it or we just don't get it anymore.  Whatever the case may be, most of the people who stuck around had a very enjoyable evening.  It was one of those gigs where we played for 3 hours without a break because we were having fun and the time just slipped away.  The Ramada Inn's St. Patrick's Day party has become a standing gig and on behalf of the entire Phisbin organization, I hope it stays that way.


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