April 21, 2007

S. Greensburg, PA--
This week's tour has taken its toll on my health.  We didn't play for a month, then all of a sudden we have 4 gigs in 8 days.  Tonight was the 3rd of which, and I couldn't have felt any worse.  Setting up our stuff rendered me a big fat ball of sweat.  Adrienne (top right sans specs) even coined a nickname for me: "pneumonia boy."  Not entirely witty, but accurate.  Former BVA student Nicole Fioravanti (middle right, on right, pictured with friend Carrie Beranek) didn't seem to mind my germs...it was quite a reunion.  She even blew the whistle, giving it a "toot toot" twist.  Cameron Novak's friend (whose name escapes me at the moment) watches in amazement, wondering how anything so fat, bald, and ugly could play the fiddle so poorly (bottom right).  Zozo's was packed on April 21, 2007, including the outside patio.  I took a stroll out there just to see if they could hear us alright, and was surprised at the positive feedback I got from a lady huddled up next to a kerosene heater.  If everyone shared her opinion, then let it be known...The Phisbins Rock!

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