The Black Bear Tavern
May 25, 2007

Deep Creek, MD--
On the way to the lake, it occurred to us that we'd been traveling down there for almost a decade.  It felt appropriate, then, that we were to first to play on the new stage at out on the deck where the motorcycle parking lot used to be.  It was also nice to see Twig and his posse; Billy, Monica (top right) and Igor; Chip and his KDR contingency; and Chip's dog Diego (middle right...don't worry, the Black Bear is dog-friendly).  The sun beat right in our eyes for the first part of the gig, but I didn't mind one bit...I had Mike Testerman's sunglasses  on (modeled by Kathy Hall, bottom right) and life couldn't have been any better.  A big "thank you" to Tim for driving from Deep Creek to Uniontown while I slept off whatever it was that ailed me.  Just when I thought life couldn't be any better, I woke up the next morning alive and painted more of my fence and ran the electricity to the new heat pump for the pool.

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